Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An unforgetable experience

yesterday was freakin' scary! my cousin came running from next door screaming "fire fire!" gosh. my grandma's aircon caught fire. she was telling me there was black smoke coming out from ah bu (which means grandma in shanghainese) room. she was kind of scared while she was explaining to me what happened. mum, bro and two maids ran over to take a look. my bro was sick btw. mum made me stay at 97 to look after the house whilst they went over to try fight the fire. from what my mum said, she and the two maids took buckets of water from the toilets and my brother splashed it on the fire. they were all over with the ashes from the fire i tell you. when i went over to look, they were like black. its kind of funny but scary at the same time. its the first time i witness an incident like this. 3 firemen came in motor bikes, after which came 1 rhino and then the fire engine came. soon after came the police and then i dunno who the others were. i think they were from the civil defence lars. too many people. my grandma got burnt by the fire cause she was being "ge kiang". she went to her room to try fight the fire whilst my maid called the police. gosh. she wet her bed sheet and tried to put the fire out but she's too weak to lift her hand up so i guess she was just making things worst by fanning it bigger. silly. she told me some plastic parts feel onto her hand and legs so it burnt her. she then fell to the bed and hurt her arm. haiyo. thats my grandma for you. ambulance brought her to the hospital to dress her wound. its not that bad lars. cause she still could walk. yea. my bro came down after ahwile and he was sort of the savior of the whole thing. lol. cause by the time the firemen came, he sort of put out the fire already. he was really black i tell you! haha. and wet. haha. after that, i went upstairs to check the situation. everything was stablised by then. the floor was like black and the whole room was all yucky. my two maids were with me when the aircon sparked again! eeks! we freaked out i tell you. HAHA!. i ran downstairs to tell them then my uncle was like on they are just checking whether can on the electricity. ARGH. made me panic for nothing. cheys. thats about it about yesterday. what an unforgetable experience. wow. i could write an essay of it if it happened during my secondary school days cause they usually have these kind of titles for essays. HAHA! talking about secondary school, i really miss those days.

just came back from driving not long ago. drove to sengkang and then to ubi to tampanies and back to kovan. can't wait to pass my driving! and i can drive all i want. yays! faster faster faster! rarrrsss..